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COMPUTERIZATION - Our fully computerized operation enables us to quickly respond to our client's requests. In addition to our normal backup procedures, we maintain two completely independent computer systems as a security against computer failure. At APC, we have the ability to program our own computers, and our unique programming capabilities gives us the capacity of providing clients with individually designed benefit statements for their employees, or customized reports for the company.

ANNUAL REPORTS - Each year we provide the Trustees with detailed, coherent reports about the plan. This includes information on the financial status of the plan, as well as a summary of the participants' benefits. The report includes a summary of all participants with their vested accrued pension benefits, or account balances.

ACTUARIAL REPORTS - These reports provide the company management with the information to budge for current and future pension plan expenses. Our reports summarize the extensive calculations required by the government, and present the information in a clear, concise manner.

RECORDKEEPING - We maintain complete records on the employees, based upon the information sent. As a result, it is possible to provide the Trustees with reports or computer runs not normally a part of the standard annual reports.

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